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Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities

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May 2016

The Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities includes organizations from across Illinois that are committed to creating a more responsive, inclusive and person-centered service delivery system for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Since 1999, the Institute has been a leader in advocating for the expansion of community services, broadening the range of options available through the service delivery system, empowering individuals and families to meaningfully participate in directing their services and creating capacity to assure the diverse needs of all people with I/DD can be met in the community.

The Institute is a forward-thinking organization that informs members on emerging practices, trends and policy affecting the Illinois community service system. The Institute prepares and supports our members to continue to grow and thrive in the changing landscape of the I/DD service delivery world through the sharing of information, training and resources that help organizations to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and engagement with all stakeholder groups. The Institute plays a vital role in serving as a bridge between member organizations and trends and issues impacting the disability community, such as managed care, the new HCBS Waiver standards, constricting resources and customized support and service delivery models.

The Institute has a rich history of sponsoring a wide range of events that promote collaboration, education and partnership among member organizations as well as throughout the broader provider community. The Institute sponsors conferences and events that bring together leading authorities and accomplished professionals from across the country to share their experience and expertise in Illinois. The Institute also serves as a forum for member CEO’s to meet regularly to discuss current issues and learn from guest speakers and each other.   The Institute coordinates regular events for key agency personnel such as CFO’s, Program Directors and Training Coordinators, where common issues are discussed among peers.

The Institute provides leadership and representation to statewide committees and task forces, and submits comment on regulatory and legislative initiatives at the state and national levels. We maintain collaborative and constructive relationships with appointed officials in key state agencies, serving as a resource and a problem-solving partner on issues of mutual concern. The Institute partners with other statewide organizations and stakeholders to achieve common goals and policy priorities that support our vision of a flexible, person-centered and adequately funded community service system that supports the diverse needs of all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Illinois.

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